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Hello World – From Mo to the World

Written by Mo
Aug 18
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Why would I write Blog Posts?


To give away interesting insights and knowledge around the topic’s sports, startup, technology and to improve myself.



My first website I had would now probably be > 10 years old. It was used to share reports about my cycling competitions. It was not that nice as homepages are today and of course it was not optimized for mobiles as there was no iPhone on the market. But to generate that homepage was the first autodidactic learning I remember for myself. In recent years almost everything I can call my skill, such as technology in general, to code, building a company, workout correctly in different disciplines is the result of long learning processes I did by myself. Often you hear that to be a master in a new skill will take ~10.000 hours = 1.250 working days = 5 working years. That is a lot. But I do think, that you really need that time to learn something well, make the needed experience, try and error and come back stronger.

Keywords that describe Mo the best

As you can see on top of the start page the best keywords I would use to describe myself is Entrepreneur, Athlete, Lecturer. At the start page it also states why. For the first two keywords Entrepreneur and Athlete I think that I have invested lot more than 10.000 hours in each “topic”. Shortly said until 2011 I was a very good racing cyclist but I went to a semester abroad of my studies and just wanted to pause my cycling career for one year. As it has to come in California I learned by myself how to develop apps and I was highly inspired to sometime build my own company. Since than sport was not my only passion to follow, but also Entrepreneurship. As you might assume I also did not continue my sport career from then on – I am just a “hobby athlete” since then. And the Lecturer part is a result of the long hours I invested into being an Entrepreneur and Athlete (of course it was and is and will be all the time my free will and I don’t do it due to fame, money or anything else – maybe others would do but really, I do it for myself). So, the main goal with those blog posts here is give you some tools, knowledge and insights I found out in the past with blood and sweat and tears to raise one level up and also to inspire you to help following your dreams and start your own adventure right away.

Mo as an Entrepreneur

Mo as an Entrepreneur

Mo as an Athlete

Mo as an Athlete

Mo as a Lecturer

Mo as a Lecturer and Speaker/Pitcher

Of course, I want to learn and improve myself

As mentioned above I was half a year in California. That was also good to improve my English. At Binando we have English speaking people as employees and also some clients from outside of Germany so that is also a good practice. But I thought it would be good to write regular English Blog Posts about topics that occupy me during the time I write a post. My thoughts were either to create content via Instagram or this Blog. A very inspiring entrepreneur I also listened to at Web Summit is Gary Vee. Of course, he is a superb marketing mogul/guru but imho (in my humble opinion) he also creates very nice and deep content. The decision in the end was to start this Blog in the first step and why shouldn’t it not be also an Instagram story teller in the future as well.

How will the Blog Posts be created?

First, I changed my old website from using Jekyll to use Kirby, which I can highly recommend to the Developers out there. It is a file-based CMS, so you don’t need to install and maintain a database as you would need to with for example WordPress. For simple websites maintaining a Database is really a mess and much overblown. But with Kirby you can also realize a complete and complex shop system with integrated payment functionality as I did for Federleicht Designatelier. It is really easy to maintain!

Second, I am trying to publish a post every month. If you look at the publish date for the post you will see that it is only written down with month and year and without day. In case of lots of good topics and feedback I may rethink that rhythm, but I think for the moment it will work well.

Third, I will write around the topic’s sports, startup, technology and especially about things that occupy me during that time when I will write the post.

Fourth, I will write the post of course first in English (not my mother language) and translate it afterwards to German (my mother language). In case you find improvements please do not hesitate to contact me.

Fifth, I often suggested people in the past to regular create content for their (mostly business) website to get better SEO results. And most of the time I discovered that all of the people were not able to do make it. Why? I don’t know but I can imagine that it is not so important for them and there are X-thousand other things they prefer to do. So hopefully I can manage it to create content-full posts that will bring you and me a step further!

Tools and workplace to work with well

Tools and workplace to work with well

Sneak Peak

In the following I will summarize possible titles and topics that may be published in the next few months.

Is the location of a company/startup relevant in today’s digitized world?

In recent conversations with my Co-Founder Niko and other startup people this was a frequently discussed topic. As for example the southwest of Germany where I am living it may be hard to fully convince investors of technology driven businesses (especially when you have a hardware component in your product). Also, the need of good co-workers and employees is a good question, but one may think that remote workers are good to go in today’s time? These and other factors are a very interesting topic and do occupy a lot of people (especially in the startup area).

Best way to get/stay healthy, balanced and satisfied (and of course to get a six-pack ;-)

The internet, magazines and journals are full of the newest diet, the best supplements, the most efficient workout and so forth. But what is the best way? Probably there is no the one that fits all and everybody needs to discover him-/herself and what he needs. The only thing that I would definitely encourage you in short is:

  • Workout regular
  • Eat most of the time healthy
  • Sleep not too short for a longer time

What are the characteristics of a leader and what differentiates himself of other people?

This is as the topic before in my opinion a very “over discussed” topic – means that almost everybody talks and writes about it, but which is very important. Because imho lot of people are wantrepreneurs. That means that they are no real entrepreneurs but they want to be one. For them it is cool to be one and I think they do it only for the money and fame. The worst thing is if they can express themselves in a perfect way and so they are the best sellers and are able to crowd the good people around them. But normally after a certain time you will recognize that and the best thing would be to stay away from those people very strict. Means if you work for a wantrepreneur go and start your own business. If you call a wantrepreneur your friend question yourself if it is a real friend and worth it or not. If you are married to a wantrepreneur – well up to you what to do ;-)….

Of course, everybody has another view on different topics and thus don’t get it wrong: I don’t have eaten wisdom with a spoon (attention German proverb) to make such statements and of course you can think that I have a completely wrong view but sometimes you need to stake a claim to have a basis for discussion. And as mentioned a few times: through my experience in the last more than a decade and self-reflection all the time I learned a lot and do think that I have a view worth telling to everybody who is interested.

Hopefully the post was interesting for you and you enjoyed reading it! Have a great time until the next post will be published next month and enjoy hustling, relaxing, chilling, sporting, travelling or whatever you plan to do!

All the best – Mo ❤

P.S.: If you have questions, suggestions, criticism, an idea for a great new topic or just want to have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine or you want to work out with me please do not hesitate to contact me.

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