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If you can dream it, you can do it

Written by Mo
May 19
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The title of this month blog post "if you can dream it, you can do it" is a famous citation from Walt Disney. Personally, I am fully convinced of it. Everybody should have dreams they are seeking to achieve and everybody needs dreams to grow, to become a better version of themselves and to achieve something – regardless of what it is. When you achieve your dream than it is a great feeling. Dreams could be as normal as losing weight, finishing a (half-)marathon or travel to a special country. Or they could be “a bit more challenging” like flying to the moon or mars, improve the wealth of human beings or fix todays mobility challenges. Regardless of what you are dreaming: work for it, hunt your goals and dreams and sometime in the future you may reach it – but please never forget of what you dreamed, as when you forget it you would never recognize that you already achieved it.

In my opinion dreams should guide you through your daily live. They are important to see your big picture, the big why am I doing this. Also, a very famous and appropriate citation is: “Don’t live to work, work to live”. What are most people doing when they are grown-up? Did they not work from Monday through Friday, 8 hours or more, complaining about this and that, looking all the time for Friday and is very sad when its Sunday? To be honest I know enough people whose everyday life looks like this. Sure, they work to live, but is it worth it like that? I mean with a 40hrs work week, 1hrs commute to work 5 days a week and with 8hrs sleep every night people are working 45% of the time per week they are awake. Would it not be better to have a better purpose for this time than just gain money to live?

There is a very good guy out there from whom I love to watch talks and presentations. His name is Simon Sinek, already heard of him? I try to look especially one Ted Talk from him at least one time a year: "Start With Why – How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action". Please do me a favor and watch it now when you don’t know it. It is worth the time watching it. I think it is not just for leaders to inspire everyone. But also, everybody needs his own why. Why am I doing this or that? If you start asking this yourself maybe you are totally fine with the status quo and everything is good. But maybe you need to change your job, start a new hobby or even go for new friends to be more satisfied every day. The best thing is when you are not complaining all the time anymore and when you are sad when its Sunday 😊!

Why, how, what. Please watch the video above when you don’t know what this means.

Of course, I also had dreams and have dreams. One of the biggest dreams throughout my childhood and teenager time until I turned 19 was to start one-time at the biggest and greatest cycling competition of the world: Le Tour de France. That dream pushed me to go over and over again my pain threshold, overcome the inner piggydog countless times and become German champion, won lots of medals at championships, travelled through Germany and Europe a lot and had a really nice 10 years journey. Unfortunately, my dream burst when I came to the elite class in 2009, because exactly there the German Pro Cycling was devasted as there were some dope stories and Gerolsteiner cancelled their engagement and the Team closed their doors by end of 2008. It took several years and nowadays the German Pro Cycling is flourish again and we have lots of great young athletes who are mostly 5 years and younger than me. Of course, I could have tried it in a foreign country as a Pro and maybe would have done it because I had a good outlook to become a good athlete but I rather decided to take another way. A nice article about my cycling career and future plans back 10 years ago can be found here (only in German available).

Good old times.

Since than I wanted all the time grow my own company and see how it develops. It took a few different stations and projects I started the last years. By the way I am a great advocate of “Learning by doing”, in my opinion there is no better way to learn things fast and best. Since almost 3 years I am highly involved in (text: text: Binando target:_blank). We are doing great stuff here and help a bit to get cleaner and better-looking and more livable cities and also save the earth a bit. That is of course not the end of the path and I am looking really forward for what to come, but for sure I am looking to get the solution we developed to establish in lots of cities and companies over the next years and then I will see what will be afterwards. I am highly convinced that I will find a new challenge and dream and purpose when it is time to take on new challenges 😊!

Hopefully the post was interesting for you and you enjoyed reading it! Have a great time until the next post will be published next month and enjoy hustling, relaxing, chilling, sporting, travelling or whatever you plan to do!

All the best – Mo ❤

P.S.: If you have questions, suggestions, criticism, an idea for a great new topic or just want to have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine or you want to work out with me please do not hesitate to contact me.

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