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Thankfully continuity pays off – my personal résumé after one year of blogging

Written by Mo
Aug 19
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When you follow my blog since the beginning you remember that my first blog post went online exactly 1 year ago in August 2018. If you don’t remember you can read it here. There I also explain my motivation why I started my own blog. Until now I can say, that I am very happy to did it. Of course, it is not always easy to find the time to write about a specific topic in the fast and time-consuming daily business. But as you can see I managed it to release one blog post every month 😎.

One secondary aspect for my blog posts was SEO optimization. I often talked to people with new business ideas how they can improve the search results of their businesses or products. Of course, it is not negligible that you should appear under the first few results for certain keywords in Google. For example, if you are dependent on online sales and you are not under the first results you definitely need to pay for ads, which need to convert in a certain manner. Otherwise you will just burn money. In my case of course my website should rank on top of Google when you search for Moritz Pfeiffer. One year ago, that was not the case. My website was somewhere in Nirvana not under the first 10 pages. When you now search for Moritz Pfeiffer I normally rank between place 1 to 3. And I changed nothing except added my blog posts every month and I included some of my Instagram pictures on the start page.

Site rank of Moritz Pfeiffer in

As you can see in the above picture in Google Germany I rank nowadays on rank 2. That is totally fine for me. That was a real experiment for me as I wanted to know if releasing rarely some new good content is really so good for Search Engine Optimization as it is always promoted or not. Today I can say it is definitely very important. If you need a good ranking in search engines I would really look into creating good content (Blog posts should be fine) every 1 to 6 weeks, depending on what you want to achieve. It could be also interesting to look into SEA (Search Engine Advertising) for sure, but it could be worth to use a good consultant to get into it and that you get that out what you expected.

Site rank of Moritz Pfeiffer in

In it was still a bit better and I rank nowadays on rank 1. As you may already recognized I took the effort and operate this website in German and English. Thus, I assume the rank in is that high. When I would have my website just in German I assume that I would not be ranked under So here it is also important that you think before you just do something: what do you want to achieve? And then plan what is required to achieve it and then execute it as fast as you can! For example, if you are a tax consultant in Frankfurt and are new in the business it would be helpful if your potential customers can find you with keywords like Tax Advisory Frankfurt, Tax Consultant Frankfurt or Income Tax Frankfurt and other. It is important that you create again and again good content where those keywords occur in the text and also in the headings. And then it should be easy to rank very high with those Keywords in the future. Of course, mouth to mouth recommendations is for lots of business also very important, but a nice and good working online presence could never harm.

Another thing I do really love and I wrote about also more often in my blog posts is sports. One specific post was last fall where I wrote about health and also mention a sixpack, here you can read it again. What should I say? I started after Christmas with my first ever planned diet and this summer I had (and still have) a body with a good sixpack 😅. I could not have imagined that it really went that fast and in the end it is really easy when you could be consistent, so also here continuity paid off. I just started it to see where I can go. The finish was 82kg with 7% of body fat by mid of July. Now I am around 83 – 84kg still with 8% of body fat. And after the summer by mid of September I would start gaining muscles again and plan to achieve 90kg with 7 – 8% of body fat in 1 or 2 years. So here it is as always: be clear in what you want to achieve and then you can first plan it what you need to do to achieve it and second just execute it and handle with the unexpected. If you don’t have goals or dreams you want to achieve you just live in the day. If you want to do that it is totally fine for me. Essential is that you are happy in the long run. For me personally I know to be happy and confident I need to set goals, which I can achieve and when I achieved them it is a real great and satisfying feeling 😎.

A lil’ sixpack never killed nobody 😉

What stays to say for me? My experiment is over now. That does not mean, that I would never write a blog post again. I have still 2 to 3 good topics in mind I would definitely write about in the next time and I am sure new topics will come to my mind when time passes away. But maybe my frequency would not be as consistent every month as the last year . Because I don’t do it to gain money but just for my own development. So please stay hungry, stay foolish and keep on rocking on your dreams and goals 🚀!

Hopefully the post was interesting for you and you enjoyed reading it! Have a great time until the next post will be published next month and enjoy hustling, relaxing, chilling, sporting, travelling or whatever you plan to do!

All the best – Mo ❤

P.S.: If you have questions, suggestions, criticism, an idea for a great new topic or just want to have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine or you want to work out with me please do not hesitate to contact me.

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