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What a year 2020 – What will come 2021?

Written by Mo
Jan 21
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What a year 2020 was this? One year ago, almost nobody would have expected that live could change so fast, isn’t it? We have all been taught better. Bill Gates has warned of a pandemic several years ago, but nobody took it seriously. Maybe the lives of all would not have changed so much if we prepared for such pandemic, maybe not. It was another year for all of what we could have imagined of.

What can we learn of this? I think we should never take something as a matter of fact. Because something worked out today it is not proven that it will work out tomorrow. Because something happened today it must not happen tomorrow. Life could change in a matter of a millisecond. I think now almost everybody is aware of this.

Now I am 30 years old. If I think of living 100 years before I would have experienced World War I. Definitely something I must not experience. The restrictions were probably much worse at that time. This is in no way to downplay the current situation, but it could probably always hit you even worse. Nevertheless, I hope for a bit more normality in the upcoming 364 days !

How did I experience 2020?

Well, I would divide this in 2 things: business and personal.


From a personal view my year started pretty nice. As you may remember from my last blog posts in 2019, I did a diet and earned a nice sixpack. So, I was full of energy to outperform this in 2020. How to do this? My goal was to achieve 90kg with 8% of body fat. But then what happened in spring 2020? Right, everything was shutdown including the gyms. But no problem if you really want to do something. I bought a few barbells a bench and I could do a great home workout. I even realized that it is not bad to be forced to change something. New incentives are always an engine for growth. But after a few weeks everything got a bit monotonous and I was a bit behind my plan. So, I was very happy when gyms could reopen again.

In the end in summer, I nailed it down to 91kg with 9% of body fat. Sure, I missed my goal a bit, but you know what: nevertheless, I was happy of what I achieved with all of the restrictions and ups and downs. And what will be in 2021? Well, I have an idea, but we will see how things are going. Maybe I can let you know in a year.
I also had plans to visit some business partners in Georgia and China and combine this with some personal time off and visiting new places. How eagerly I looked forward to the time off and see my partners in person? But plans can change fast and so I want to catch up those plans this year, when hopefully travelling will be possible without problems again.


From a business view my year started also pretty nice. In autumn 2019 I left my old startup Binando due to various reasons and started a Web-Shop in e-commerce. This worked out good so that I could employ new people. A dream come through when I could employ my sister as the first employee. Already Years ago, I thought how nice it would be to have a family business. Of course, this has good and bad sites, but I think we managed it well until now. We could grow constantly, experience skills in Online Marketing, Paid Ads, Shop Optimization and so forth and grew to 4.5 people until now.

In summer 2020 we decided to launch a new brand. We worked it out besides our running business and could present BEAUTY babe just before Christmas to everybody. We focus here on core values we want to bring to the world which are very important to us. A year ago, I never thought that I would ever have an own Beauty Brand and even for Women. But boy just let it happen and discover new challenges. How cool is it to hold your own product in your hands? Until now it was a really nice journey. We managed a lot of stuff in the background which nobody sees. We build a brand-new Website with an Online Shop, we found a reliable Fulfillment Partner for our orders, we found a reliable Partner for producing our Beauty products in Germany, we found a reliable Partner for Photography and Videography. This is a setup and network we now have and which nobody can take us away. In the future we can earn the seeds we have sown.

Furthermore, I did a big step forward in what I want to become in the next years as well besides growing successfully my own businesses: Business Angel and Investor. I want to help people grow their own business in Tech, E-Commerce and related areas. I have made my first two real investments in 2020. For sure I always helped people, give tips and hints and talk for hours on new business ideas, process optimizations, hire people, scaling techniques and more. But it is another way if you commit also with your time, your money and your expertise to grow another business and if you are shareholder of a company. I hope those investments will also pay out in any way in the future and will become more and more investments in the coming years.

For me it is not about the money you can earn. Sure, you should be able to live the life you want, pay your monthly bills and treat yourself now and then. But more important for me is have happy people around me, which want to achieve something. See how they grow together with me beyond what they ever thought they could achieve. It is more about the path going together the next weeks, months and years than how does it look like in 5 years. Fight successful battles, deal with defeats and learn from them, and celebrate victories in a proper manner.

So, what stays to say? Have a really nice year 2021, make the best out of it! Hunt your dreams and improve step by step to the life you want to live. Stay hungry, stay foolish and keep on rocking on your dreams and goals 🚀!

Hopefully the post was interesting for you and you enjoyed reading it! Have a great time until the next post will be published next month and enjoy hustling, relaxing, chilling, sporting, travelling or whatever you plan to do!

All the best – Mo ❤

P.S.: If you have questions, suggestions, criticism, an idea for a great new topic or just want to have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine or you want to work out with me please do not hesitate to contact me.

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